The new ATLAS Architecture fabric from Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH is an innovation in the field of textile architecture that perfectly combines aesthetics, strength and durability. It was presented to the market in May 2019, during the Techtextil fair in Frankfurt, the most important international event in the field of technical fabrics, and was also presented at the 6th Tensinet Symposium “Softening the habitats” at the Milan Polytechnic.

The Atlas fabric is inspired by the mythological titan Atlas, known for his strength and ability to support the sky on his shoulders, thus representing the idea of ​​order and stability. However, the name “Atlas” is not just a simple similitude, it also represents one of the key characteristics of this innovative fabric: the special construction called “atlas weave”. This unique construction, characterized by a higher density of warp threads than weft threads, makes the Atlas fabric more resistant and stable than traditional fabrics, thus distinguishing itself in its field.

ATLAS Architecture membranes combine the positive characteristics of Titan Atlas



These are much whiter membranes, with a high-quality and homogeneous surface given by the unique ATLAS base fabric.


The higher tensile strength and the better elastic behavior are due to the higher yarn density of the ATLAS fabrics.


The strength of the titans is reflected in the ATLAS coating. The new titanium dioxide lacquers allow us to offer extended warranties.


The Sattler PRO-TEX Research and Development Team has worked constantly to improve the durability and resistance of the Atlas fabric. To achieve this, they have developed a new multilayer lacquering system that increases the protection of the fabric from external agents. Additionally, they used reworked fluorinated polymers (PVDF and “hyper-PVDF”) in combination with titanium dioxide nano-particles to create new lacquers. As a result, they created two different protective lacquers called “TFL” and “TFX”. These lacquers have given a significant improvement in resistance to UV rays, dirt and pollution, which translates into a considerable increase in the life of the fabric, as evidenced by the accelerated aging tests performed in the Sattler laboratories.

In summary, ATLAS is an innovative fabric that perfectly combines aesthetics, strength and durability. This is made possible by its particular construction called “atlas weave”, which makes it unique in its kind. Furthermore, the use of ATLAS in architecture, especially for the construction of large tensile structures, pavilions and roofs, offers numerous advantages, including greater mechanical resistance, a smoother and more uniform surface, greater protection of the fabric from external agents and greater homogeneity in the elastic behavior of the warp and weft threads.

730 Atlas Architecture TYPE I

739 Atlas Architecture TYPE II

759 Atlas Architecture TYPE III

760 Atlas Architecture TYPE IV

780 Atlas Architecture TYPE V